Monday, January 13, 2014

Catch Ari on WTVY News 4!

Sean Sporman, producer at WTVY News 4 in Alabama reached out to me and asked to share Ari's story with their viewers. I asked Ari if he wanted to talk about ponies on TV and he said yes! For a  link to the full story click here.  Here's the clip below!

Thank you so much to the Brony community for all your support. Special thanks to Sethisto and Equestria Daily for helping to share Ari's story!


  1. Im sorry but the fact that the article you submitted was about you letting your son play with feminine toys is horrible.

  2. Why is it horrible? Toys are for everyone and anyone, no one should be told otherwise.

  3. No, the fact that you're trying to reinforce antiquated gender roles is horrible.

    The whole concept that gender determines our place in the world and what we're entitled to do is based upon an old system that kept women in the kitchen and determined men to be 'breadwinners'. We, thankfully, no longer live in an era where our role is determined by the genitalia we were born with.

    My Little Pony is a light-hearted positive show in a mire of negative imagery & depressing messages. As a brony (albeit a fair bit older than the boy in the article), I find the show relaxing and a good distraction from the mindless bombardment of sex and violence I regularly get from my television and audio media.

    Biased I may be, but I think the world would be a much better place if males listened to Forest Rain telling them it's OK to be different ( instead of Eminem telling them it's OK to beat women; watched My Little Pony with its message of love & tolerance instead of mindless gore-fests; and played My Little Pony instead of partaking in gangs & drugs.

    Positivity, optimism and kindness are not exclusive to women, society has just spent a long time telling men that these are signs of weakness (and by proxy, that women are weak). Stop playing into it.

  4. What makes them "feminine" exactly? Both boys and girls enjoy playing with mythical pony creatures. Also I don't think you're sorry. I think you want to attempt to prove an antiquated point. We are not living in the 1950's. This is 2014. Ever heard of gender equality?

  5. At 5 it doesn't matter kids are kids and there isnt any difference in their perception they just likr stuff.

  6. Your spelling and grammar are horrible! Also, nobody's going to take you seriously. I'm a girl and as a kid I used to like playing with all manner of things - train sets, LEGO, etc.


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