Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ari's Favorite My Little Pony- A Video Interview

Some of you have written me asking who Ari's favorite My Little Pony is. Ari wanted to share with you all who his favorite pony is and why in the video below!

Without further ado, Ari reveals his favorite pony!

So do you agree? Who is your favorite pony?


  1. This should probably have been on an earlier pony post but I remember when I worked at blockbuster and a little boy picked out a Hello Kitty video and his dad yelled at him to put it back and pick out a "boy video", it was terrible. Hello Kitty - I'm sure like MLP - is primarily about friendship (and selling products) and that dad would rather his 6-year old see some punch-em-up instead. So sad.

  2. That's so sad and messed up! Hello Kitty is awesome and does spread a positive message. Poor kid was deprived.


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