Friday, July 12, 2013

Dear MTA Closing the Doors on a Stroller is Not Okay

Dear MTA,

This is probably the worst thing you've ever done. It was at the Atlantic Avenue station during rush hour. Exactly 8:24am on Friday 7/12/13. Copious amounts of folks were exiting the train. Just as the people were done exiting I started to push my stroller (which is enormous) on to the D train. As I was doing this, the train conductor decided this would be an appropriate moment to close all the train doors. Are you fucking kidding me?

Do you realize how dangerous that was?
Do you understand that you could have broken my children's fingers?

You really need to get it together!

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  1. I was witness to this happening another mom recently. On a mostly empty platform the woman entered the train and the conductor closed the door on the stroller with a small child. He wouldn't open the door so another woman and I had to pry the door open to remove the stroller. He did that thing with the door where it barely opens for a split second and then closes, over and over, like it was gobbling the child up. Once they finally got in the train, the mom was shaking and crying. I went to the middle car to curse the conductor out, and he claimed to see none of it on camera, he only knew some "thing" was stuck and he said the older trains didn't allow him to automatically reopen the doors. If what he is saying is true, this is a bigger problem than a few jerk conductors. MTA REALLY needs to get it together.


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