Wednesday, March 7, 2012

An Interview With Mayim Bialik

I recently had the opportunity to attend a press conference on Mayim Bialik's new parenting book "Beyond the Sling." I was really excited.

I had the chance to interview Mayim after the press conference about her book, which, by the way is fantastic. It's a memoir-based parenting book on Attachment Parenting and her own experiences as a mother.

Mayim, as you may know, was an actress on the TV show Blossom from the early 90's. She then went on to pursue a PhD in Neuroscience at UCLA, get married, and have two sons, Miles and Fred. After having kids, she became a fierce breast feeding advocate and a certified lactation consultation.

Here's what Mayim had to say about her book. She even gives me some suggestions on Ari's sleep issues.

I'll be giving away a copy of "Beyond The Sling" soon. Stay tuned for more details on that.


  1. Great interview! I am looking forward to reading her book!

    The only thing i disagree with is the natural childbirth part. I educated myself, went to classes, and was planning natural childbirth, but when it came down to it, the contractions were pain and I couldn't "rebrand" it. It was like a constant bad runner's cramp and i was too tired to deal. This ended up giving me more of a defeatist attitude than when i had the epidural.

    I thought that was really interested what she said about food being related to Ari's sleep issues...maybe she's on to something?

  2. Sarah, very neat. At which NYC book talk were you? I was at the one at B&N. Mayim is awesome- I spoke w/her over the summer when I was writing an article on breastfeeding. Thanks for sharing, this was great.

  3. Leigh, I think she's definitely on to something with regard to his diet and sleep issues being connected for sure.

    Dr. Milk, I was at her press conference at Simon & Schuster, which published "Beyond the Sling." Yeah, she's awesome!

  4. Awesome, Sarah! Can't wait for the giveaway!


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