Wednesday, March 14, 2012


My whole body is tingling. There is so much to say. Words float through my veins and into my nervous system. They try to move into my esophagus, but they get stuck somewhere along the way. I am frozen. Change is coming. I can feel it. But when I look at my feet they are stuck to the ground. I try to move, but there is a thick green gelatin that makes my feet stick to the wooden floor. I want to scream, but I open my mouth and nothing comes out.

There is a bright light. I try to avert my eyes. I have no sunglasses. I squint. The light burns my eyes and my legs hurt from standing. I want to move but I can't. I want to turn away. The light is so bright.

I am unbearably hot. My clothes are saturated with sweat. I want to run, but I'm stuck in place. If I could fly, I would, but I have no wings. I look up and away from the light. There is a flock of birds in the sky. They are free. They have wings. They open them and soar high above my body, far away from my legs. My legs shake.

I want to be those birds. I want to push myself away from ground and break free. But I can't.
I stand.
I shake.
I fear change.

© 2012 Sarah Fader please do not reprint without permission.


  1. i fear change too! unless its something i feel i can do well.
    i like the style of this post.

  2. This is beautiful, did you write it? I fear that things won't change.

  3. Yes I did! Thank you so much! I added a copyright just for you!


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