Thursday, September 22, 2011

Here's My Son's Card

I was on the playground the other day on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, my old neighborhood, and I met this really cool mom. We got to talking while Ari was running amuck and her toddler son was strapped into his stroller. The mom in question had gorgeous long wavy hair that looked too perfect for words.
"I love your hair!" I marveled. "I wish I had hair like that."
"Oh don't be fooled," she cautioned me "My hair is just like yours. I just had it cut and blown out yesterday. That's why it looks like this." I laughed. She told me where she got her hair done, this place in Chelsea, and we compared bad curly hair cut stories.
Things were going great on this "mom date," I thought, until she and her child were ready to get going.
"Hey, we should exchange emails or something," I offered "maybe we could meet up on the playground again sometime?"
"That would be great," she said smiling. Then she looked down for a moment and hesitated.
"Um, my husband made these for me the other day,'s the first time I'm handing one out." she said offering me a small white card the size of a fortune from a fortune cookie.
I looked at was her son's full name and his emaill address.
So basically, in order to get in touch with this woman, I have to email her 16 month old. I really didn't know what to say. I thanked her and she went on her way with her stack of business cards at the ready.
So what do you think? Should I email this toddler or what?


  1. I've heard of a few moms using business cards, just with their basic info...but not their kids email (weird). They are also full-size cards, not fortune cookie size. I really think it's a good idea actually, even if it's corny. People back in the day always used "calling cards" so that nobody had to dig out pen and paper to quickly write down someone's info.

  2. That's interesting! I think it's easier to just exchange phone numbers? They can always text or call, right? I'm having a little trouble finding a "mom date" here. Found a couple but didn't really work out :( It's also hard that we'll be moving again in a couple of months. We still need to see our little niece before she turns one!! Any plans for Halloween, like last year?...hehee

  3. Aw... I think she wants to get together with you guys!

  4. Harriet--I guess so! Maybe I should email her kid!

    May- Let's do it!

    Amanda- I love it! Calling Cards! So old school!

  5. I'm still adjusting to the fact that mom's make business cards...LOL. I mean, I ALWAYS have my cell on me, I usually take someone's # and text them and tada! lol. I would still email her, just because you and her got along so great.

  6. Hah that's kinda unusual, to have her kid's details instead of her own. I mean, after getting past the fact she even has a 'business card' - what's wrong with writing down an email address in a notebook or smart phone? :)

  7. Jess- Exactly! That card thing is just out of control. Whatever happened to just writing a person's number down on paper? SHOCKING! Let alone calling them or texting them so they have your number. CRAZINESS!

    Allison-I know right?! I think we need to bring back the pen and paper!


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