Saturday, September 24, 2011


Meet Dayne:

It all started this morning when Ari began carrying this orange thing (pictured above, but without the hat on at the time) around and saying:
"This is my baby. Nobody can take him away from me. I love you baby!"
Then he began nurturing the orange thing like it was a real baby. He was holding it, putting it to sleep and took it in the living room because his baby was "hot."
"My baby is hot, mommy. He wants to sit neat the air conditioner."
After his baby cooled down, he decided to give him a ride in the stroller, but not before accessorizing him appropriately, which is what you see above. In addition to a hat Ari's baby also had on...well let me just show you:

I asked Ari what his baby's name was. He's taken to naming everything after a grasshopper on Max & Ruby whose name is "Hoppy." So of course he said "Hoppy!"
"Why don't you pick another name for him besides Hoppy?" I asked him.
There was a palpable silence.
"What's his name?" I asked, anxiously awaiting the answer. Ari is not extensively familiar with nomenclature, but I figured he would come up with something. After a few moments he said quietly:
"Dayne?" I clarified.
"YEAH!" He exclaimed.
"How do you spell it? D-A-N-E or D-A-Y-N-E?"
And so that is how Dayne came to be Dayne.
In fact, he is so attached to Dayne, that ran out from quiet time to get him.
"Wait! I want to sleep with my baby!" He exclaimed.
Here they are together:

Tell me, who is your child's inanimate object pal at the moment?


  1. That is so adorable! Theo has not attached to anything. A couple of times, he wanted to bring a blanket with him but that sees to have faded away... I'm waiting for him to cling to an item!

  2. I just laughed probably much harder than was warranted, but that is so hilarious to me! Where the heck did he get Dayne from? So funny! Cru doesn't have a "baby," but he is obsessed with quarters...he'll carry them around all day. If he drops one, it's OH NO, MY QUARTER! and he will proceed to do whatever it takes to find that dang are so ridiculous..

  3. Ha ha! That's hilarious! I want to be that attached to quarters!


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