Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's All Me

I've been spoiled this past five weeks. Wil has been on paternity leave and I've had a lot of help with Samara. During this time, he's made it possible for me to have time alone with Ari and allowed me to have a full night's sleep while he stayed up with the baby. In case you're wondering, I had to pump milk each time in order for these events to be at all possible. Yay nursing!

He's scheduled to go back to work on Wednesday evening. As I've mentioned before, he works the overnight shift. Once he goes back, I'll be alone with the two kids pretty much all the time. When he's home during the day, he'll be sleeping, and at night, he'll be at work.

Needless to say I am terrified.

I have no idea how I'll manage having an infant and a 2 and 3/4 year-old by myself. To be fair, I'm not entirely alone. I have my parents right downstairs, but the primary responsibility of caring for these kids is on me.

My friend Cordy (mother of two girls, two and three years old respectively) told me when you have two kids, you're always inevitably neglecting one of them. When I've been alone with my brood, I've found this to be absolutely the case. For example, Ari is repeatedly asking for chocolate milk, meanwhile Samara is screaming, demanding to be nursed.

In a couple of days, it's going to be all me. To all the moms out there with two (or more) kids: how did you survive when your husband/boyfriend/partner went back to work?


  1. When Morgan went back to work I was terrified too but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. The kids and I got into a routine and day by day things got easier. You're right about always feeling like you're neglecting one of them to some extent, but I think that it's healthy for them to know that they are part of a family where EVERYONE is important and needs attention.

    Good luck!

  2. it gets better!

    am I the only one who didn't have a husband at home at all? he runs his own business so doesn't get to take time off whenever he wants! I had my mother in law for 8 days and that was it! thankfully I did have some aunts that took him for the mornings he wasn't in playgroup but I was on my own pretty quick.. I cried a lot but it gets worked out in the end. Little M is 10 weeks now and we've definetely kicked into a loose schedule now. Though I do think one gets neglected no matter what sometimes! They learn patience ;)

  3. We live in lala land here with our part-time schedules and one child. I feel for you; I think two would be very hard. In a few years they'll be playing together and you'll be on Easy Street!

  4. wait til it's 4 kids on a sunday and they're all bored and hungry...

  5. Leigh- HA HA! That is scary!

    Harriet- This is true! They just need to get a little older!

    Elisheva- WOW! You're my hero! You really had to do it all yourself. I'm whining about nothing.

    Jill- It's good to hear that a routine can be established! Phew! I guess it just times time huh?

  6. You will do fine! It's scary though. I think the biggest thing is giving up the idea that no one will ever need you. Like you said, sometimes the older one will have to wait and other times the baby. And if you need to leave the house I use this trick. I make sure I am ready to go, then the baby, then each boy. I have to break it up like that or I go insane just thinking about

  7. Love the pictures of your babies. They are really cute.

    I'll be praying for you. I know you'll do fine. Don't think of it as neglecting, but as helping them gain their independence.

  8. you're scaring me :( lmfao.

    and love that pic of the kiddos!! <3

  9. HA HA! I'm sure it's going to be fine. I just needed to express my fear.

  10. We are about to add #4 to the mix and it does feel daunting. After the arrival of our second child I got into the habit of saying, "You aren't the only one in the family. You have to wait your turn." I've even had to say this to my hubby and myself! Now I hear my kids saying it to each other. It's a good lesson to learn. And it will get better. One day at a time!


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