Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"I A Baby!"

I was somewhat mentally prepared for Ari to regress once Samara was born. Many people told me tales of how their own children regressed. Some kids used the pacifier after seeing the new baby use one, other children threw tantrums due to the lack of attention being bestowed upon them.

Here's how Ari has been behaving since the arrival of his little sister:
  • He throws monster tantrums
  • He screams "Goo Goo Ga Ga!" When I say to him "Babies say Goo Goo Ga Ga, you're a big boy." He yells back"NO! I a BABY!" I say "Are you a baby because babies get attention?" "Yeah." He replies with his little head down. I hug and kiss him and cry.
  • He says "I miss you mommy." I say, misty eyed, "I miss you too." It is heart-breaking.
  • I tried to buy him a baby doll. Many people suggested this could help him adjust to the new baby. We were in a toy store and I said to him "Look at this baby! This is Ari's baby. Do you want to take this baby home?" "NO!" He replied firmly. I didn't want to force the issue.
  • He hits me when he wants attention. Sometimes I pretend to cry. Generally I say "Why are you hitting me? Do you want attention?" He sheepishly replies "Yeah." "Then say mommy, I want attention." He repeats back to me with my exact intonation "Mommy, I want attention."
Phew! Having two kids is challenging. I wonder if my brother reacted this way when I was born!


  1. Well, he is used to having all the attention and getting it when he wants. But for any kid, single or not, it's really not possible for that to happen forever. I think that in the long run it's actually better to have him deal with it now. Also tantrums are normal at this age no matter what. Don't feel too badly about it! That's life! Do you feel bad when he wants you when you go to the bathroom? (ok, I do a *little* too, but there are just some things you gotta do!!)

  2. Yeah, you're right. He will get used to it, but it doesn't make it any easier emotionally :(. It's hard! But in the long run it will teach him to share and all that good stuff. I just despise this transitional period.

  3. I can only imagine how this feels. I feel like I can't give you advice anymore (after all you are taking on way more than I could handle at this point). It sounds like you are doing a great job. Just keep helping him find appropriate ways to express himself and he should catch on.
    I think the doll is a great idea. Maybe if you bought one and just left it where he could find it, he would pick it up and play with it.

  4. Braden already does the NO I'm a baby thing when we talk to him about our babies. We may be in for some trouble too. And if he ever says I miss you Mommy my wife will cry for a week. Hope everything is going well.


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