Saturday, February 12, 2011

Boob Preference

I love nursing, in fact, I'm nursing as I write this, but one thing that frustrates me is my daughter's total disregard for my right boob. She has made it known that this is her least favorite of the pair, and she gives me hell when I'm trying to get her to latch on to it.

She loves the left boob. The minute she comes out it's as if she's saying:
"Hello old friend and source of food!"

The right boob is like an albatross. It comes out and she shuns it. I don't know what it ever did to her, but she hates it.

I don't understand it, it offers the same thing on tap, it's never done anything malicious to her, in fact it's only been there to help, but she might as well put a dunce cap on it and laugh at it.

I feel badly for my right boob, I really do. Maybe it's misshapen in some unpleasant way and that's why she ignores it. I may have to schedule a mediation session between baby and right boob. This can't go on any longer.

Hey nursing moms out there! Did/Does your child have a boob preference?


  1. Tahira had a TOTAL boob preference. She hated my left boob. My Lactation Consultant told me though, that sometimes babies prefer laying on one side of their bodies so that's why it seems like they hate your one boob. Maybe she doesn't like laying down on her left side to use your right boob? Luckily you have a pump so you can keep the supply going on both sides. I remember wanting to just dry the left one up completely because I kept getting mastitis and plugged ducts there because of the odd usage it was getting.

  2. i always liked feeding on my left boob so that my right hand was open for eating, tv controlling or book-holding. so, i created the monster....

  3. Lilah always preferred the right. From the very beginning, I noticed when I pumped that the right was a better producer and the milk came out faster on that side, so that probably had a lot to do with it.

  4. start her off on the preferred side and quickly switch her halfway through, maybe she won't notice! I have other tips in my breastfeeding book, but you could just look on

  5. I couldnt find anything on kellymom..

    when you switch, make sure shes laying in the same position.

  6. Nolan didn't care so long as he was getting milk lol!

  7. John preferred left...and in fact, I did what pinkbluff said! I would keep him in the same position and he had no problem, so I think it was a "seating preference" (kind of like how I like to sit in a chair where I can see everyone in a restaurant! LOL)


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