Thursday, April 1, 2010

Of Grape Juice and Beds

I'm sitting here on the couch, not quite sure what to do with myself because Ari is actually asleep in his own bed. Aunt Mint and Uncle Mike were desperate to get rid of Aunt Mint's childhood bunk beds. They're really nice beds, actually, made by This End Up furniture company. I would post a picture, but I'm not going to risk waking Ari up.

Mike and I loaded the disassembled bunk beds into the Fadermobile and I transported them from Manhattan to Brooklyn. I might add that during this journey the trunk of the Fadermobile was half open and secured with bungee cord and an unofficial boy scout knot that Mike concocted.

When I arrived in Brooklyn, Wil unloaded the Bunk Bed materials and went off to work. Then Mike arrived and began setting up the beds. Mint walked in the door just in time to be his assistant. All this happened right before Passover.

By the time that the Passover festivities ended, Ari had consumed massive amounts of grape juice. He was ready to try out his new bed, but the last thing he wanted to do was sleep in it.

That was Monday evening. Since that time, he's gotten used to the idea that this may be a place to sleep.

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  1. Haha! He doesn't look like somebody who is going to bed anytime soon :-)

  2. You're brave for putting bunk beds in his room.

  3. he looks like Phoebe after one freakin popsicle

  4. Statia- I should clarify that we did NOT set up the top bunk. HA HA! Ari is definitely a climber!! ;p


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