Monday, April 19, 2010

Feline Crayon Fun

In the tradition of Feline Garage, OS/NS Mom presents: Feline Crayon Fun!

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  1. With this and the cars it really is amazing how Ari has intuitively tapped into the comical power of "Stuff on My Cat". Does he see you guys doing it or did he come up with it on his own?

  2. Oh! Also, since your autolinks doesn't get it you should post a link like "In the tradition of FELINE PARKING GARAGE (that's a link), OS/NS Mom presents Feline Crayon Fun:" - Something like that for people who like Stuff on Cats.

  3. Minty- I will do it! (Post a link). Also, Ari thought of this entirely by himself!

    Slow Panic- He is so patient and sweet!

    Kyndale- He is! He's like Ari's uncle.

  4. You have a very tolerant cat.


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