Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Danger Danger! 2 Year Old Approaching!

A dad on the playground once told me that when his son turned two, he spent the entire year trying to prevent his child from dying. I laughed really hard when I heard this. Now I am no longer laughing. I am crying.

Ari will be two in eight days, and the destruction has already started. Wires he was once apathetic about, he is now pulling at, he approaches the table and throws everything onto the floor including the lap top, he walks brazenly into the kitchen, grabs the cat's water bowl and confidently dumps its contents onto the floor. When this is done he laughs and then says:
"Sorry mama." Then he laughs some more, looks at me and says "Wa wa!"

Anything and everything he can pick up and throw he does. This includes: crayons, small metal cars, remotes, cups, plates, the phone, shoes and many more objects that escape me right now.

That dad was right. I shouldn't have laughed at him, I should have given him a hug and said, "Congratulations, your son is alive!"

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  1. Oh man - I really like reading your and Cordy's blog so I can prepare for having a toddler. Sometimes I feel like Tahira already IS one. She definitely throws things at me and has fits already, dun dun dunnnn! Are you doing anything special for Ari's bday?

  2. HA HA! Yes! She is a toddler-in-training! I got him a scooter! We are still trying to figure out what we're doing. We ask him but he just says "tree" or "kitty!"

  3. I often felt like I didn't really get challenged parenting wise until age 2. That's when it really got And it is started to get a little easier around age 4.

  4. yeah! I have two boys (and a girl). I've aged 20 years in only 10 years' time! I'm so tired!

  5. Julie- Good to know that I am not insane!

    Kyndale- Oh man! I can only imagine how it is with three of them!!!


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