Friday, May 22, 2009

The Google Phone Camera Was Not Designed For People With Babies

I recently switched cell phone carriers and had the opportunity to pick a new phone. I chose the G1 Google Phone because I use the internet a lot and I had heard great things about the phone. For the most part, the G1 is amazing. It is user-friendly and the internet capabilities are awesome.

The only issue with the phone I have is that frankly, the camera stinks.

As a new mom I take a lot of pictures of my son. But the shutter on the G1 has a massive delay.

Essentially, you click the button to take a picture and then it seems like a million
years later, it captures the image. Now you can imagine how this would be
problematic if you were taking a picture of a baby because babies do not stay still for long periods of time.

Here is an example. I attempted to take a photo of my son typing on a
keyboard with the G1 camera. Take a look at the results:

You get the point. Because the delay is so long, it is virtually impossible to capture a baby doing something funny or cute. Because, as any parent knows, babies move quickly.

So please be advised, if you are thinking about purchasing the G1 and you have a small child, you will not be getting the best photos of your little one on this device.


  1. O my gosh! My phone has that delay too! But its an old Nokia and the pictures aren't as clear. But true...I hate how some of these cameras work!

  2. It's really annoying when you are trying to capture your kid doing something cute and your phone won't cooperate.


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