Tuesday, May 5, 2009

For the Love of Coffee

Well folks, it's been a year. My son is turning one tomorrow and I am getting nostalgic. Many things have helped me survive throughout this year; my boyfriend, my incredibly supportive friends and family, even my cats and one more crucial thing...coffee.

Coffee, I love you very much. You got me through a very hard transition in my life; from bachelorette to mother. You are a loyal friend. When my son was waking up every three hours on the dot, you were there to help me survive.

You were there during the summer in your iced form. You were there during the winter season in your standard heated variety. But the most important thing is that you stayed true to me. You never let me down.

When I thought I might collapse from exhaustion and emotional upheaval you lifted me up and gave me the necessary energy to cope with my problems.

I want everyone to know, that you are safe to drink (in moderation) while breastfeeding

And thank goodness for that.

Thank you coffee. You are this mom's best friend.


  1. I hope coffee knows how much we love it. I hope it really knows...

  2. DITTO ON THE COFFEE! Thought I will admit, it works less for me the more I drink it. Usually after a month or so. But if I stop for a while, like I did when I was pregnant, it gives me an INSANE buzz!! Lol. Fetus liked that one... :)


  3. Ah the steaming cup. Never thought I could make it without you. You got me through tough times, sometimes It was nine cups (help). Must say have cut back to exciting and wonderful teas but you will always be my first love.


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