Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cat Crib Antics

I went to sleep late last night. I'm talking late, like midnight late. My son had been asleep since 7pm and for some reason I could not get myself to wind down.

Finally, after watching massive amounts of television, I knocked out. My boyfriend stumbled home from his overnight shift at the airport at 5am. I woke up abruptly to him standing in the bedroom doorway:

"Babe! You know the door is wide open?!" He said pointing to the doorway of the bedroom.

He was right.

I sat up immediately.

"Oh my G-d!" I shouted. My first thought was: the cats! Generally, we keep the bedroom doors closed so the cats can't come into the room at night.

"Go check on the baby!" I exclaimed.

My boyfriend rushed over to my son's crib to find a sleeping baby next to...a sleeping cat. They were curled up next to one another comfortably. I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or scream at that point; so I let my boyfriend deal with the situation. He promptly removed Egreck, my cat, from the crib, and we all went back to sleep.

Pictured above is the illustrious crib hopper.


  1. Hahaha! Awwww! Piotr did that too, he jumped in when Z was sleeping. I'll send you the picture! But I don't let him in either since he can't get out to go to the bathroom and we keep her door shut so other animals who aren't house trained won't go pee in her room. But we aren't worried about them together. Are you superstitious? That rumor about a cat taking a babies breath? lol. We didn't let him in the pack and play when she was a baby because we wanted him to know that it was her spot, and because as a newborn she can't get away from him if he sits on her, but now she's old enough. She crushes him now!!

    Ps Midnight is late!? That was normal for us, but we sometimes go later and are desperately trying to go to bed a little earlier!

  2. Midnight is so late for me. I'm basically an old lady at this point. I usually go to sleep at 10pm at the absolute latest.

    I'm not superstitious, but I do worry about Egreck sitting on him in his sleep and accidentally suffocating him.

    Also, I worry about Egreck startling him. Like if Egreck jumped into the crib and he spontaneously woke up and was scared.

    Plus both of my cats are insane at night. They never stop moving which makes me not be able to sleep!!

  3. 11pm is my late. I think Egreck just likes company.

  4. I agree, clearly his intentions are good; however, I am still worried that he will accidentally cause harm. The key word being accidentally.

  5. O my gosh, I envy you girls with bedtime! lol. I got in a few minutes the other night at 9:30! :O

    I hear that Fader. My poor cat would love to swipe at Z for all she puts him though, but he doesn't. :) I think if he sat on Ari, he'd wake up, but I guess its better to be safe in a situation like that! Like I said, we don't let him in to her room either, though he did jump in that time when I went in to get her. :) Do you think your cats would let you trim their nails? Unfortunately our cat's been getting out lately (which we don't want). I feel bad that his nails are trimmed so he can't do the same things but I still do it. And he still somehow kills animals for us! :P

  6. They let me trim their nails, but honestly, with all the other crap I have to do everyday, I forget about the nail clipping.

  7. I definitely understand, i'd be scared too.

  8. This post is like torture with the adorable mental image of baby and cat curled up in crib together but the photo attached is not of this. boo.


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