Friday, November 26, 2010

A Surprise at The Post Office

On November 12th, I got one of those ominous cards. The kind that tell you that a package could not be delivered to you because you weren't home. I find this hard to believe since I am home a fair amount of the time, and if I'm not, I have a ton of neighbors in my building that would gladly answer the buzzer and sign for the package.

Anyway, I dreaded the inevitable. Going to the Post Office. I decided to face my fear and just go. So I bundled Ari up and headed for the government building with the long lines. Surprisingly, when we got there, I waited for under five minutes, and I was handed this package:

As I left the Post Office, grateful for the short wait, I read the return label and saw who it was from: an awesome mama blogger friend of mine, Statia! All of a sudden I knew exactly what was inside.

I got home and ripped open the package. It was:

I just have to share with you two of my favorite items from this package:

And this dress:

Thank you so much Statia! I love the clothes! Check out Statia's hilarious dark humored blog, Failure to Nap, by clicking here.

I also want to take a moment to thank a few of my other amazing lady friends who have given me a wealth of baby clothes. It seems, when you are pregnant with a girl, people are really excited to give you clothing!

Amanda - Thank you so much for the enormous box of baby clothes. I am so stocked now, it's ridiculous. Please thank Tahira for me too!

Cordy- Thank you to you Zalah and Lyla for their clothes. Hopefully my girl can rock them as well as your ladies did.

Josina- Thanks for getting the most stylish baby girl wear at The Maple Street School tag sale. I'm so excited about the little purple hoodie and the tights!

Rosa- Thank you for the diapers and the baby clothes! And thank you to Francesca and Nati for breaking them in for me.

Even though it's the day after Thanksgiving, I'm still continuing to say, thank you.


  1. Hooray for great friends that give you clothes! Cordy SAVED me, seriously!

  2. Cordy saved you, and you saved me! And Cordy saved me too! We all work together!

  3. Super cute dresses! The white one is GORGEOUS!

  4. I'm so sad she only wore that dress once! For a picture. If I had put it on her for any other occasion, it would never EVER look that pristine. Not even for five minutes. She's my girl, but she's a big giant SLOB!

  5. I was thinking that. I am terrible with white myself, so knowing that this child shares my genetic material, she really doesn't stand a chance keeping herself clean. Plus, she'll be like a typical toddler and probably wear her food.

    Thank you so much again Statia, you rock!


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