Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Francesca Selects The Winner of The Little One Books $25 Gift Certicate Giveaway!

Today I solicited the help of niece, Francesca, to randomly select the winner of the Little One Books $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway.

Here is the incredibly scientific process we used to select the winner:

1. Francesca read me the names of all the people who entered:

2. Next she cut the names into individual tags:

3. She mixed all the names up:

4. She put them in an empty camera case and closed her eyes:

5. Then she selected a winner!

Congratulations Elaine! You won the Little One Books $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway. You can browse the site for quality kid's books, music and DVDs! Audra from Little One Books will be contacting you soon to send you your gift certificate!

6. After Francesca randomly selected the winner, Wil left for work:

7. And finally, with Francesca's help, I wrote this post:


  1. Thanks so much!! This is the PERFECT gift for my nephew who just started to read!

  2. You're welcome Elaine! I hope your nephew enjoys!

  3. It's always nice to know HOW winners are selected. Voila!


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