Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Cold and I Wanna Lie on The Couch

It's been unseasonably warm here in New York City, up until now. It's like instant winter and all I wanna do is lie on the couch in a silent rebellion.

In the spring and summer times, there are tons of things to do with kids. You can hit up the playgrounds, the botanical garden, go to free concerts, but in the winter it's so cold, all I wanna do is this:

I've been to the library a zillion times, and I certainly don't feel like walking around in the cold. I need to find some indoor activities Ari and I can do that are free and allow us to be social.

I'm also getting increasingly nervous about having a newborn in the winter. I need a full-proof plan so that I don't go crazy being indoors with a non-stop 2 1/2 year old and a needy newborn.

So I'm asking you:
1. What are some fun indoor winter activities you do?
2. Who's had a baby in the winter? What did you do to avoid going insane?
3. Do you also like your couch a lot right now?


  1. I am scared of the winter too. Especially winter break. No school & all is closed. Do you guys have any indoor kids places? I can't even remember how I got through it last time.

  2. I love my couch right now. It's miserable outside. I didn't have a baby in the winter but I had one in the Fall. Luckily the newborn won't give a care about staying indoors, but Ari? Yikes...not sure what to do with him! Crafts are fun but messy! TV? Lol.

  3. Julie- We have indoor play spaces but they cost money. Annoying. Winter break is hard!

    Amanda- I love doing crafts! I'll have to see how I can juggle nursing with painting and collage!

  4. I had winter babies but I didn't want to go out AT ALL! I just dealt with never going out. It was like 7 degrees. NO WAY. Even the play places are a pain in the ass and I def didn't want to go then!

  5. It's gonna get too cold to go out! Oy! I just hope Ari doesn't lose his mind being stuck in the house. Well, we can always go to the library!


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