Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! Ari Has Croup!

It's been four days of madness around here. Every night for the past three nights Ari has woken up between 3-4am with 103 fever. Last night the fever was accompanied by a disturbing wheezing sound. We took him to the doctor today and he was diagnosed with Croup. It makes sense because his cough sounds like a barking dog. This sort of cough is consistent with Croup.

Needless to say, it's been extremely difficult to get him back to sleep at night and during the day for naps. So what am I thankful for right now? This:

I haven't showered in four days, and I've been a chicken soup-making machine*, but I don't care. I just want him to get better already.

Have your kids had croup? Do tell!

*I make my chicken soup from scratch, if you want the recipe email me at


  1. i thought my son had it once, but he pulled through (after going to the emerg in quebec city on vacay). it is a virus, right? my brother had it all the time when we were kids. i remember that horrible sounding cough...bon courage....

  2. It is a virus and boy is it not fun. Thank you Sara! The cough is terrible!

  3. oh ugh! that's just not fun at all! we've gone through the croup bit-- steamy hot to way-way cool helps, right? and you're a a good mama for that soup! i'll sending very-napping-thoughts your way! hang in there, mama! :)

  4. We haven't been down that road yet. Hope Ari is feeling better soon and you find some time to shower!

  5. Amen, Amanda!

    Galit-We are steaming away in this house. The cold part is trickier. Right now we have the window open. What's the best way to do the cold part?

  6. OMG- How awful. my little guy had it around 6 months old and I thought he was having an asthma attack he was wheezing SO badly with it. It made me nervous that I had him sleep in my bed with me. He hated it, but it reassured me as I listened to his wheezy breathing.

    Horrible for you- hope he's feeling better.

  7. That sounds just terrible. And bad coughs always take forever to recover from. So sorry for you guys. But liquids, liquids, liquids. Yay for Chicekn Soup (especially for you - it being part of your birthright and all!)


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