Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Naot Beyond: A Comfortable Clog

As my pregnancy progresses, it's become increasingly harder to tie my shoes. I've been on the lookout for a shoe that I could just slip on. Thankfully, Naot came to the rescue when they allowed me the chance to try out one of their clogs: The Beyond.

I immediately liked the look of the shoe, and though I was hesitant about the heel (because I generally avoid heels as they tend to make my feet hurt) I decided to give the Beyond a try.

First I tried it with no socks:

I took a long stroller walk to the library with Ari like this, and when I came back home, my feet didn't hurt at all.

The next day I wore The Beyond with jeans and socks:

I took an extended stroller walk around the neighborhood with Ari, and once again, my feet felt great at the end of the day.

So I decided to really put the The Beyond to the test. I wore it with stockings and a dress today for a full day of teaching 2nd graders.

After walking up and down three flights of stairs and chasing after energetic seven and eight year-olds, I can say that my feet feel great. My mind, however is another story.

A side benefit for me personally is that The Beyond adds a couple of inches to my height. Contrary to popular belief, I'm only 5'3''. I know, I have a tall personality. But at least I can pretend to be taller than I am in this shoe.

If you're looking for a comfortable slip-on shoe, I would highly recommend The Beyond. For more information about The Beyond, click here.


  1. Those are cool! I am living in my Crocs since nothing else works right now.

  2. They are pretty awesome right? I know! I can't wear shoes with laces anymore. That ship has sailed...at least until this baby comes!

  3. 5'3"??? YOU LIAR! Lol. I swear you're taller than that! I never wear shoes with laces, and when I do, I complain a lot about tying them.


  5. Yo! I am 5'3'' no joke. And yeah, their shoes/sandals are on the higher end (price-wise) but (and this is coming from someone who worked at a shoe store in London) if there's a clothing item worth spending money on, it's shoes! Because you wear them every day and it's good to have ones that last. I have shoes that I bought in London that were really expensive, but I've had them for 10 years. No joke!


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