Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This Pregnancy is Kicking My Ass!

As I visited the bathroom six times in one hour, it occurred to me that I am obviously not getting better. This stomach virus, or whatever it is, is determined to stick around. I'm going to have to start charging it rent if it stays around much longer. I still haven't figured out an appropriate price.

But really, my pregnancy with Ari was not this hard. I guess it was hard for different reasons. During this pregnancy I've been able to eat virtually nothing, most everything makes my stomach start a gastrointestinal revolution. Whereas when I was pregnant with Ari I could eat mostly everything with the exception of cottage cheese, which made me ill. Interestingly enough, cottage cheese has been good to me this time around. It's one of the few things I can eat.

With Ari, I had scarier things happen than food aversions. I had multiple instances of spotting, I developed an umbilical hernia and had to have surgery on it during my second trimester, I went into labor quite early (at 36 weeks) and the hospital misdiagnosed my water breaking, saying that I'd peed on myself. For more on that click here.

Also, I forgot the most obvious difference, I have Ari now! Having a two year old and being pregnant is a unique experience to say the least. I can't really rest the same way I could when I was childless.

Despite the fact that this pregnancy has been far less dramatic than my first one, it had been really hard! I miss being able to eat whatever I want, and take naps.

Tell me about your pregnancies!


  1. I think each of my pregnancies have been harder than the last but it could be because I have more children at each one.


  2. Wow, man. Mine was so easy and rather boring. No morning sickness, no back pain, no leg cramps. I peed a lot and couldn't sleep well in the end, but other than that! I didn't even have to buy maternity clothes until 26 weeks. I wonder if my next one will be tough.

    So, tell me about this umbilical surgery thing? They operated in utero?

  3. Julie- I've heard that before! Women tell me that each subsequent pregnancy is harder than the last. Although, I met this woman on the train who didn't know she was pregnant until 20 weeks.

    Elisheva- I know. Sad. I want to eat!

    Amanda- I am so jealous. NOT FAIR! I want a dream pregnancy. Although, I have to say, that despite the dramatic events surrounding my pregnancy with Ari, it was pretty smooth sailing in between crisis'.


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