Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Feel The Need to Complain

As if being pregnant and having a two year old wasn't hard enough, I now have the added bonus of a stomach virus. Fantastic!

There are so many things wrong with this situation:
1. There is a limit to what medications I can take to treat my symptoms because I'm pregnant.
2. Ari doesn't care that I'm sick, and says things like "I want to go outside mommy." "Playground, mommy." And I feel too guilty to say no.
3. My doctor has made it clear that I must drink three liters of Pedialyte/day for three days if I want to feel better. Have you ever tried unflavored Pedialyte? It's the most vile liquid I've ever tasted. I've gagged several times trying to consume it.
4. I'm starving all the time, but whenever I eat my stomach rebels against me. Yes I've tried the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Apple Sauce and Toast), and no it hasn't worked.

I'm at my wits' end here. I want to magically feel better. but instead I feel like this:

Have you ever been pregnant with a stomach virus? How did you treat it?

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  1. can you get someone to take him out for a few hours every morning? your body needs to rest but he also needs to be able to run around and play.

  2. That's a good point! I should ask my parents if they can do that.

  3. not to be too graphic, but which end is rebelling, because zofran is great for nausea and totally pregnancy-safe. For problems with stuff coming out the other end...well...you might be stuck... And I agree with getting yourself some time to heal!! And for the growing fetus too!

  4. It's diarrhea cha cha cha! But, oddly enough, I feel nausated when I go to the bathroom, but no vomiting.

  5. I take full advantage when my fil asks to see him. I say "sure! want to take him to the park for an hour or two?" then I sleep or do errands. or be lazy alone. yay!


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