Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GreenPan Cookware Review

Recently, I was contacted by a PR firm with a list of potential items for review. After scanning the list, my eyes lit up when I saw "cookware." I read over the description quickly, saw "non-stick coating" and got irrationally excited. My current pots and pans are stainless steel and all they do is hang on to food.
Then, I panicked. To my knowledge, many brands of non-stick cookware are known to be toxic because they contain PolyTetraFluoroEthylene or Teflon. I called my best friend Mint, who is more eco-conscious than I am. She asked me to find out the name of the non-stick cookware I would be reviewing. I scanned the email from the PR firm, and found the brand name.
"GreenPan?" I asked tentatively.
"Yes! GreenPan is good." She confirmed. She went on to say that she was excited I would be reviewing this particular product, as she was strongly considering putting a set of GreenPan cookware on her wedding registry!

GreenPan is an eco-friendly alternative to teflon-based cookware.

Instead of Teflon, GreenPan uses Thermolon, a mineral coating that is derived from sand that contains no toxins. For more information on Thermolon, click here.

I was so excited to test out this frying pan, I decided to make some scrambled eggs. After I washed out my new pan, I added some olive oil.

Then I put in my scrambled eggs concotion: eggs, milk and cheddar cheese.

And I cooked.

And gradually, my concotion became scrambled eggs.

I was ready to eat, so I added some salt, pepper and hot sauce.

I gobbled up my scrambled eggs, and boy were they delicious! It was time to wash out my GreenPan.

Here is what it looked like after cooking:

So I washed it.

And here is what it looked like after the wash.

Pretty impressive, no? No eggs stuck to the pan. I barely had to add any soap to clean it. Mint, I would go ahead and add this cookware to your registry.

If you (or someone who cooks for you) are interested in learning more about GreenPan, click here.

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  1. Please remember to do a follow up review after you've been using it for a while.

    One thing I've heard about a lot of eco-cookware is it doesn't always stand the test of time. I've heard about chipping and things eventually sticking.
    Let us know!

  2. I totally will do a follow up. So far I am super impressed!

  3. I was going to ask the same thing: but will it last? My Teflon stuff was crap after 3 years. I ended up buying stainless and so far it's ok, no sticking or anything. Did you know studies have shown Teflon chemicals in umbilical cords!? I just read that last week, crazy.

  4. Wow! The Teflon/umbilical cord connection is awful! I promise a follow up post. :)

  5. Awesome review!
    To make them last longer you have to take care of them: don't use anything that will scratch the coating, like a metal utensil (use a wooden spoon) and wash with a non scratch sponge or similar.

  6. Great suggestions! I will definitely use them to make this pan last longer! Thanks Elisheva!


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