Thursday, August 19, 2010

Huggable Hangers Review

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing Green Pan, an eco-friendly cookware. The same PR firm that sent me the Green Pan for review, allowed me the opportunity to try out Joy Mangano's Huggable Hangers.

Huggable Hangers are just what they sound like, they're clothes hangers made of soft velor-type material. I was really excited when I opened the box of them. They were so colorful!

To be honest, I don't bother to hang Ari's clothes up. I mostly shove them in a drawer the minute they are out of the dryer. But recently I realized that when I do this, I have no idea what clothes he has. But when I hung his clothes up:

It occurred to me that he has some really cute stuff! I like that Huggable Hangers are made from fuzzy material because it makes them feel more child-friendly, rather than an anonymous plastic hanger. I don't think I would bother hanging his clothes up if I had to use plastic hangers. It wouldn't be as fun!

Here's how huggable hangers look in the closet:

I believe these hangers have inspired me to be more organized with Ari's wardrobe! They're just so aesthetically pleasing!

To learn more about Huggable Hangers click here.

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  1. They sell small hangers for kids, but I think those are meant for adults. If I put big hangers in kids clothes they stretch out! :( Those are some neat colors! I have just plain black and sometimes it annoys me, but for some clothes that are slippery they are great!

  2. I like the material of these SOOOO much! I feel like they are totally non-slip! And the colors are so much fun!


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