Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Maid of Honor Dress and A Special Surprise

I mentioned in a prior post, that Ari is going to be the ring bearer in Mint and Mike's wedding. I will be in the wedding party as Mint's Maid of Honor.

Today my mom, Ari and I went into Manhattan to try on my Maid of Honor dress. It was a bit tricky finding a dress because I am becoming increasingly more pregnant by the minute. But Mint and I managed to find a really pretty option.

It's not a maternity dress, per say, but it has a empire waist and can account for an expanding belly. As I was undressing, one of the sales ladies at the dress shop asked me about my tattoo.

She said "It's kind of ironic that you have a Hebrew word tattooed on your body. I'm Jewish and you aren't allowed to be buried in a Jewish cemetery if you have tattoos."

I explained to her that I was Jewish too, and my tattoo has special significance to me. Then we got into a long discussion about religion versus spirituality. After our scintillating conversation came to a close, she offered to take a picture of me in my Maid of Honor dress. Here's how I looked:

Alright, I'll come a little closer.

I have to go back a couple of weeks before the wedding to have it altered because of my rapidly growing fetus.

After I managed to peel the dress off of me (with help from the sales ladies) I was starving. So my mom treated me to the most expensive kosher hamburger and fries I've ever had. My order came to a whopping $16.00.

And look how small the hamburger was:

But look how big the fries were:

And check out the enormous bag the whole meal came in:

The guy preparing my order was really nice. I told him I was pregnant and needed some bread immediately before I fainted. So he gave me two slices of rye and threw in a pickle for good measure.

I felt much better after I ate and so did my mystery baby. As we drove home, Ari finished all of the french fries.

Check back here tomorrow as I will be guest posting on a famous mom blog. Details to come!

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  1. You look gorgeous!!! Also, despite the price tag that burger looks yummy. :)

  2. Looking good, Sarah! The girls wore the same color at my wedding. It photographs great!

  3. Aw shucks! Thanks themomsmith! The burger was really good!

    Adrian, oh good! I've heard red works well in photos!

  4. I'm definitely feeling your "mystery baby" is a girl. Do you keep kosher? I have heard of $16.00 burgers in NY but I thought it was a joke.

    The dress is lovely. I'd totally wear that. How will your wear your hair? Up, down? Straight, curly?

    So, was that lady kind of not nice about the tattoo thing? I have one too on my back (a Phoenix...like, the bird) but it was before my conversion so I'm "forgiven" :) Haha.

  5. Mint has requested I wear my hair down and curly. But she did say I could wear it "however I felt the prettiest."

    I don't keep kosher.

    She was bordering on judgmental.

  6. beautiful dress, love the color! but it looks long, I hope you don't have to wear heels?!
    and $16?! wow. thats a LOT.

  7. Tell the judgmental girl to suck it! According to this NY Times article, she's wrong. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/17/fashion/17SKIN.html?pagewanted=1&_r=3&ref=fashion

  8. I think I'll have to wear wedges. $16 was crazy.

  9. So gorgeous! I love you!

    Also I'm so happy you decided to wear your hair down and curly - it looks amazing just as it is in that pic!!!

  10. Oh and to pinkbluff - I'm the bride and I'm not even wearing heels (not really I have about a 3/4 inch chunky heal just because totally flat isn't comfy either).
    I would actually prefer if no one wore heels ever.

    The dress looks so long because it was her first fitting and hasn't been hemmed yet.

  11. Since I am a dude I don't know much about dresses for wedding. I can feel your pain on the french fries though. My son always eats all of ours too.

  12. Ari constantly eats my fries. I never get any. Also then he refuses to eat a "real' lunch after all those fries.


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