Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Baby is...

Content to keep its legs crossed. We traveled all the way to the end of the earth in Manhattan to find out that my baby does not want to reveal its gender. Not only that, but the ultrasound technician tells me that I have a condition called placenta previa, which apparently means I may not be able to deliver vaginally. Great! Just what I wanted to hear.

Of course I immediately called my midwife to ask her about the condition. She said it's a condition where your cervix is blocked by your placenta. This makes it impossible for the baby to come out through the birth canal. However, there is hope. She said that the condition usually resolves after 20 weeks. I hope that's the case for me.

I'm so disappointed! Now I have to wait another two months to find out what this baby is! And if it is a boy again, we're in trouble because Wil and I can't agree on any boy names!

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  1. SUCKS! I have heard of plenty of women get past PP though, hopefully yours goes away! Tahira was also extremely stubborn during ultrasounds.

  2. It totally sucks! Thank you Amanda, that is so good to heat that women can overcome PP. My doula was encouraging too!

  3. Aw! That's ok as long as the baby is healthy! :)

  4. omg I was soo excited to find out!!!!!! oh well such is luck!

  5. Me too! I was so excited to find out. Ah well...good things come to those who wait I guess...


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