Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stay Brony My Friends #69 - Sarah Fader

Thanks to the land of Twitter I was introduced to Dusty Katt and Screwball, two awesome bronies who run the show Stay Brony My Friends. Dusty asked if Ari and I would like to be on SBMF. I asked Ari and he excitedly said yes! Here's our interview where I talk about 80's cartoons, My Little Pony (of course), bullying, my love for Neil Gaiman, Daria and much much more. Dusty asked me prior to the show what charity I would like the bronies to raise money for. Ari and I chose the Coalition for The Homeless. His response was "we're on it!" I love this dude!

One heads up, my voice is loud because I'm a theater actress so prepare your volume for that. Thank you Dusty and Screwball for having me. I had an awesome time!

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