Monday, December 3, 2012

Up Hill Journey

I was walking to Samara's music class today.
I was late.
I was nervous.
I live in Park Slope.
That means that there are many blocks that go uphill.
Every time I'd start to walk uphill, my mind would go in the same direction:
I can't do this.
It's too far.
I'm so late.
I should just go home. 

It wouldn't stop.
My mind wouldn't stop.
But I forced myself to continue on.
It's not about the destination. It's about the journey.
It doesn't matter how late I am.
I will get there.
I can conquer this hill.
I can conquer this uphill battle.

Lately, things have been challenging for me.
Life has thrown me a punch or too.

I feel like I'm wading through mud.
But when I turn to face that hill, I'm going to keep walking.
I'm going to keep on climbing that slope.
I will get there.
I can do this.

Think about your own life.
If you're late to class...
Even if you only make it to the last 10 minutes.
It's better than missing it entirely.
If you're late to meet a friend, and you feel like giving up and going home, go! Meet your friend.

When in doubt, don't bail out.

It's easy to go home.
It's easy to travel on a steady street that has no incline.

Take the road less traveled.
Conquer that hill!

I did today, and I am grateful for it.

I arrived at Samara's music class at 10:34. The class ends at 10:45.
I enjoyed all 11 minutes of that class.
I am grateful for the hills that brought me there.


  1. That's awesome! "I enjoyed it. All 11 minutes of it." Good for you. I hear ya. Getting out the door can be tough sometimes.

  2. It totally can. Especially when you're self-talk doesn't permit it :)

  3. Good for you! You're right, it is easy to give up, but it does feel amazing once you climb that hill.


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