Saturday, December 8, 2012

Elegant Hair Tie Giveaway - From The Giving Girl

The Giving Girl makes beautiful handcrafted hair ties.

She was generous enough to provide me with some fancy hair ties for review and giveaway!

I tried them in my own crazy Jewfro and they held up beautifully. 

It feels great to be able to wear a colorful piece of art in my hair, rather than a boring elastic band that I bought at Duane Reade. 

You want to win some cute hair ties? Enter below! In order to enter this giveaway, it's required to follow The Giving Girl on Etsy. But honestly, you're going to want to do that anyway. :)

Contest ends 12/16/12

1 comment:

  1. The bow hair ties are SO CUTE! I don't really do my hair, but I love experimenting on Tahira's hair. My current favorite on T is the Lady Gaga bow :)


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