Saturday, December 1, 2012

Barking Girl - Motherhood Uncensored

Last night, thanks to the lovely Holly from Mama Drama, I had the opportunity see Barking Girl*

Barking Girl is a surreal play about a woman, Rae, who becomes a mother and is not prepared for the reality of what she experiences.

Rae's trip to motherhood begins while her husband and her are in the south of France. She witnesses a girl who can only communicate by barking like a dog. Her husband and her discuss the girl. She asks him if it's possible that her child will turn out that way. Then they begin to collectively imagine their theoretical child. Will it be a girl or a boy? Who will it resemble? Who will it act like?

Once Rae becomes a mother she's confronted with the fact that her son refuses to put his shoes on. Her days of traveling abroad are over, and she's terrified of making conversations with other mothers at the park. She begs her husband to do the honors of taking their son to the playground so he can socialize with adults and deal with sandbox drama.

The play takes a dramatic turn when Rae meets a sexy man, who is listed in the playbill as "Sexy Man," on a plane on the way back from France. He's smoother than silk with his pick up lines, and she finds herself strangely drawn to him.

I'm not going to reveal anymore about that. You'll have to see the play to find out what happens!

Rae's sister, Becca, and her partner are planning on having a baby and are in search of a sperm donor. That adds another element to the plot, especially when Becca considers someone very close to Rae as a potential donor.

Barking Girl is a play about motherhood. It's about embracing change. It allows the audience to feel the ambivalent feelings that Rae, a new mother, is experiencing about this new identity. I found myself on the edge of my seat, worried for Rae. Wondering if she'd ever be able to successfully get her son's shoes on.

I wanted to know whether she would consummate the relationship with Sexy Man. I was tempted to date him, and I wasn't in the play.

If you can relate to the mania, the confusion and the drama of motherhood, you will love this play.

Hurry! Barking Girl is only here for a limited time! Go see it tonight!

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*Full disclosure- There's an awesome woman named Holly Rosen Fink who totally gave me tickets to see this amazing show. Did I mention that she's amazing? Also, did I mention that I loved the show?

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