Friday, November 16, 2012

Win a $25 Gift Certificate to ImagineIt-ToysNow

Through the wonderful world of Twitter, I was introduced to Kori, a lovely stay-at-home mother of three, and owner of ImagineIt-ToysNow 

Kori and I are collaborating on a giveaway! The lucky winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to her website, where she offers toys for children and adults!

One of those toys, Ari and I really enjoyed playing with, it was a mini-chess set!

This chess set is one of the many items that you can find on ImagineIt-ToysNow.

I've been meaning to teach Ari how to play chess, and this set was just perfect for little hands. He had a great time learning how to move each piece, and loved capturing my pawns. 

Now, onto the giveaway...but first, a little more about Kori!

1. Kori, tell us about yourself! 

I'm a 26 years old homemaker with three wonderful children. My husband works in the oil field so he's away a lot. I've always dreamed of being a wife and mom. Having the option to stay home and raise my kids and not miss everything while I was working was a no-brainer. My kids and I are blessed with an amazing husband and father. 

2. What is ImagineIt-ToysNow?

One of the mottos I live by is, "if you believe it, you receive it" and that is where I got "ImagineIt" from. ToysNow came from "toys nowadays." ImagineIt-ToysNow is a site where you can find toys for people of all ages. 

3. What kinds of products do you have on your site?

No matter how old or young we are, we still have our toys: from speakers for a vehicle to hair extensions for that teenager, to phone cases and accessories. I wanted to offer a wide variety of items for the entire family. You'll find a wide range of toys for all ages on my site. 

4.  What inspired you to create your website?

 I'm always online these days (like most people) and I came across this ad for stay at home moms who wanted to bring in an income. I had to check it out.  I did research and started learning all there is to know about having and running a website. I felt like this was the best opportunity for me to help my husband and still be home with the kids; have my cake and eat it too. I thought about what I go online for, and what I like and dislike about different sites I visit.

I wanted to make a site where people could find things for the whole family and not have to pay a lot of money for those items. With the holidays coming, I thought it was a great time to start my website and give people the oppotunity to save a little money and time. 

5. What do you hope people will gain from your site?

By visiting my website, I would hope people would feel comfortable buying online. A lot of websites out there charge outrageous prices. I know with three children, spending can be tight. I want to offer people the best deals on the products they love. So, sit back, relax, and browse the site. Beat the holiday crowds and crazies!

Enter below to win a $25 gift certificate to Kori's site, ImagineIt-Toys Now

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  2. The freekick foosball table.

  3. I would have to go with the Angelina Ballerina Dance with me game. Grace has been asking for it, she would be glad to find it under the tree this year.

  4. So, ironically I was just looking at Bananagrams tonight in the store and thought it looked cool, but on the ImagineIt website, they have the game in Spanish too which is perfect for Tahira!


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