Tuesday, November 27, 2012

GEODEO Comment Contest - An Interview With Kristi Moe

You may have heard about the dangers of using antiperspirants, which contain aluminum. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer.*
In order to stay healthy, you also may have tried natural deodorants, which made you smell even worse.

I stumbled upon a natural deodorant that TOTALLY WORKS! It's called Geodeo!

Kristi, the Director of Marketing from TCCD (the company that makes Geodeo) sat down via Skype to talk with me about what's in Geodeo, why Tom's of Maine is dangerous in addition to being inefficient, and what celebrity uses Geodeo!

Guess what? I'm having a comment contest!
Here's how to enter:
1. Watch the video. It's funny and educational, I promise.
2. Go to the Geodeo site (I'm tracking the results, so go to the site, monkeys!)
3. Post a comment below about what scent you want to try and why. The funniest most creative comment wins and I will send you something awesome in the mail!

So what are you waiting for? Click on the Geodeo deodorants below to check out the scents!

CONTEST END 12/14/12 :)

*I'm not going to post relevant articles, but you're welcome to do the research!


  1. I'm dying to try GEO DEO. I'm trying to use up my Secret brand deoderant because i am cheap. If i try GeoDeo and like it, i will also buy some for CM and SR! Right now they are using Suave....BOOO. (But cheap.)

  2. I'd love to try GEO DEO. Why? Because I'm currently using Dove and it has stuff I can't pronounce in it. Since I can't pronounce it, I'm convinced it's going to give me cancer and make my boob rot off. And that is bad. Very bad.

    I would really love to try Tropical GEO DEO because when I go to the gym, I become a sweaty, humid pile of nastiness. I feel like if I have some Tropical GEO DEO to protect me, the person right next to me will get a whiff of my soggy pits and think 'Ah, now that's what a tropical island vacation smells like.'

  3. Uh, WHAT?! It really works? For real...for real, real, real? I just got a teeny sample of deodorant "powder" and was not impressed with the mess. I felt like I was puffing powder at people from my pits whenever I waved. I don't remember the brand. Confession time: I used Dove deodorant! I know it's bad and I still use it! It's horrible. I need Geodeo! And yeah Tom's of Maine SUCKS (their toothpaste is junk too!)

  4. Their toothpaste is HORRIBLE. Also, I totally used Dove.

  5. Oh Suave. Money saving but not natural!

  6. Dove is so good, but totally horrible for you.

  7. Guess what Amanda, Donna, and Leah? You're all winners! I'm going to send you something in the mail. Send me your addresses!


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