Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Night Donna and I Ate Waffles in The Village and Were Held Up With a Super Soaker

I wrote a post about the night that Donna and I went to see The Best of Everything. But I couldn't tell the whole story there, it was just too surreal. The entire story of what happened to us on that fateful night needed to be a separate post.

This is what occurred on Friday October 5th 2012.

Donna Archer Cervelli and I met at the Spring Street train station. I called her on her cell phone, because I initially didn't see her.

She answered.
"Turn around!" She said.
There she was. My first thought was "Fish Tacos." But it didn't make any sense so I didn't say anything. But the first thing Donna said was:
"Let's get tacos!"


We were clearly communicating on a telepathic level.

Donna and I searched Spring Street frantically trying to find a place that sold tacos. But there wasn't one.

So we settled on a pizza place. None of the ordinary pizza slices looked appetizing so we chose an artichoke white pizza for both of us. It tasted more like artichoke dip on bread, but that was okay; it was somehow satisfying, although we didn't eat the crust.

After the pizza, we saw the play, it was grand.

When the play was through, we found the Fadermobile and traveled to 7th Avenue and Christopher Street to find the waffle truck.
"No yawning allowed!" Donna said, it was 10:30.

She was right, I needed coffee, we needed coffee, iced coffee to be exact.

As soon as we stepped out of the car, there it was, a giant neon sign attached to a food truck it read:


"Donna! Look!" I exclaimed clutching her arm.
"What does it mean?" She asked.
We laughed.

We pondered the message of tacos while furiously searching 7th Avenue for the waffle truck. We found it! Waffles and Dinges at our service. We waiting in line and got giant heaping piles of vanilla ice cream and Nutella which were nuzzling up to individualized waffles. Somewhere in the mix were strawberries and bananas.

Iced coffee was provided on the side. It was midnight.

We sat on the hood of the Fadermobile and talked about spirits.

All at once a strange man approached us.
"Which one of you ladies is taking me home tonight?" He asked creepily.
"We're married!" I said, showing him my wedding ring.
"That's okay, your husbands are probably out at a bar." He justified.
"Yeah, probably a tittie bar." Donna said, and we both laughed.
"I can't get into that shit!" Creepy man exclaimed and with that he walked away.

We continued to discuss spirits, moving on to spirit animals.

A second man approached us; he carried with him a super soaker. He pointed the super soaker directly at us.

"Give me 20 dollars or you're both getting wet!" He yelled.
"Uh, I don't have 20 dollars." I said. I turned to Donna "I think it's time to go."
"Yeah..." Donna agreed.
We tossed what remained of our waffles and jumped into the Fadermobile, heading for Port Authority. All the way there we discussed the significance of tacos.



  1. Replies
    1. It really was. I will always remember that night as one of the most bizarre nights of my life. To date, it's the most bizarre, but I'm only 32, so there may be stranger ones.

  2. Word! When can I come to Portland?


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