Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sex in Mommyville

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a reading of a unique and hilarious play reading, Sex in Mommyville.*

I chose to take my amazing friend Donna with me to the reading,  I love you girl!

The reading of Sex and Mommyville was at The Snapple Theater. When we first arrived at the theater, we headed straight for the ladies room. I must say, this theater had the cutest bathroom I've ever seen. The sinks were wearing skirts!

They made me feel a little underdressed for the show!

Our next stop was a wine and cheese display, which we naturally indulged in.

The show commenced, and we sat back and enjoyed our girl's night out!

Sex in Mommyville is about what it feels like to be a mother and cope with one's desire to remain sexual. The protagonist, Artemis, played by Anna Fishbeyn (who is also the writer of the show) struggles between the role of mother, and sexual being. Not only is Artemis a mother and a wife, but she is also a writer. Her inner writer's voice is characterized by Greek muses who speak for Artemis' desires. 

Other characters who play a part in the story are Artemis' Russian immigrant parents, Poseidon and Athena, her daughter, Aphrodite, her infant son, and her husband Zeus. 

Sex in Mommyville is brutally honest, raw, and hilarious! I deeply related to the character of Artemis with regard to her want to feel wanted by her husband, and having tremendous difficulty balancing those wants with the wants of her children. 

Though Donna doesn't have children yet, she remarked that she related to the dynamic between the Artemis and her husband. It seemed like the two were trying so desperately to be understood by each other. This theme can be a challenge in any marriage, and I, too, felt like I related to these characters. 

Sex in Mommyville was a literary, engaging, thoughtful, and hilarious show. I can't wait to see where it goes from here!

For more information on Sex in Mommyville click here. 

*Tickets to the reading of Sex in Mommyville were provided by the lovely and amazing Holly from Mamadrama

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