Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mega-Bright: My Face Loves You

Ever since I had Samara, my skin hasn't been the same. I've been breaking out with enormous cystic acne (one of which ended me up in the hospital when it turned into a boil) and getting dark spots.
My new skin problems made me really sad, considering I've never had significant skin issues in life.  My friend Donna suggested that I try Origins products, since I have really sensitive skin and their stuff is either organic or made with natural ingredients.

I walked into the Origins store on 23rd and Broadway, in the city, and I was truly overwhelmed by the amount of different products the housed in that small space.

I asked one of the salespeople about a product to help with the dark spots on my face. She recommended Mega-Bright. I was definitely skeptical because it was super expensive ($55 USD to be exact) considering the bottle is only 1fl oz.  I told the salesgirl that I wasn't sure about it, so she gave me a sample to take home.

I've been using it for three days and I'm obsessed with it. It makes my skin feel amazing, and it works! Check it out, this is me with NO MAKEUP.   Not that I wear any makeup ever to begin with, but you get the idea. All I have on is moisterizer and Mega-Bright.

I hung out with my friend Bonnie, yesterday and she was like "Your face looks great! Are you wearing makeup?"
Nope, just Mega-Bright.

I put Mega-Bright on my dad's face, and he was like "Wow, this makes me look five years younger!" He was pretty psyched.

Needless to say, I went on the Origins site and ordered it. If you have dark spot issues, I highly recommend this product. And dude, Origins doesn't even know I'm writing this.


  1. So...I went on a skin care product binge and bought this (and a half dozen other things, sh! don't tell DH). And it's serisouly amazing. I feel sparkly and wide awake. Awesome!!!!


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