Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blogger May Delete My Old Posts

Dear Blogger, Google and anyone associated with the confusing email I just received,

I have been informed that my blog is a "legacy account." I have no fucking idea what this means, and I'm terrified that after May, 30, 2012, all my posts will be gone.

Since it's virtually impossible to contact anyone at Blogger or Google, I am writing this post hoping that someone can help me figure out how to preserve my blog.

I've tried to login to the Legacy Migration Page using my email address associated with Old School/New School Mom, and a password, which I know is correct, and I keep getting this message:

I know I'm using the correct email address, because when I look up my blog on the weird legacy site, this email adress comes up.

Someone please help! I can't to make sure my posts don't disappear.

Thank You,
Sarah Fader


  1. Ok this freaks me out! I hope nothing of mine gets deleted or I may just cry for all eternity. I did get an email saying that my domain was going to expire unless I paid the renewal fee of $5 and that I would lose everything, so in a panic I paid that sucker up....not sure what a legacy thing means though!

    1. The whole thing is weird. It says I created my account 2008. Which I did, but I didn't start my blog until 2009. I still haven't figured it out and there's not way to email them! All they have are these weird support forums that are useless. It's like talking to a wall.


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