Saturday, February 4, 2012

Warning Pre-K Approaching

I can't believe it, but it's nearly been four years. On May 6th 2008, after three days of labor, I gave birth to a 6 lb 80z baby boy, who Wil and I named him Ari Wilhelm Fader-Van Luyn. In four months, he will be four years old. Next year he will be starting Pre-K at an undetermined universal Pre-K location here in Brooklyn, or possibly Manhattan, because the spots are so few and far between. I'm going to have a Pre-K kid.

I've started to explain to Ari that I won't be with him during the day at school, but that I'll see him at the end of the day, and he can tell me all about it. He doesn't quite seem to grasp the concept, or doesn't want to believe it.
"But, you're going to be there, right?" He says eyebrows raised. "You'll be with me at school?" He asks with wide eyes.
"No, baby. But I'll come pick you up at the end of the day. And you'l be with a teacher, who's an adult, like mommy, and there will be lots of kids there just like you to play with."
"Oh okay." I think he gets it. And I breathe a sigh of relief. Suddenly he asks:
"So, you'll be there right?"

Yeah...this is going to be tough. I know he does great with other kids when I'm not there. He goes to Hebrew school and art class at The Barking Cat, and he's fine without me. I'm just a little nervous about the adjustment period for Pre-K, because I've been home with him since he was born.

So, any advice for me? How do I break him in? What do I tell him to make him feel comfortable about going to school? What can I tell myself?


  1. What a big boy! When it gets closer you could have him go with you to pick out a new backpack and any other supplies he needs. Just talk it up like it is an awesome thing. I am sure he will be fine :)

  2. can you send him to summer camp for a week? it really helped my kid understand the schedule of a day and his lunch box, etc.

  3. I wish I could provide you with some useful advice, but Tahira is the least attached kid on the face of the planet and didn't give a crap when I took her to school lol. I bet Ari will do fantastically!

  4. Wow getting all growed up! Theo is with me or his grandfather full-time. I'm gearing up for preschool in the fall, which is only 2-hours a day but the thing that's hard with Theo is he really does not understand what I'm saying half the time! Maybe by fall, he'll have more comprehension!


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