Monday, February 6, 2012

I Have Ideas And I Need Somewhere to Put Them

I have a lot of ideas!

Creative concepts run through my head throughout the day constantly. But I have nowhere to put them. I think I need to start walking around with a notebook. That way if I'm walking down the street and come up with something I think is neat, I can stop and write it in down in my notebook.

However, a notebook might not work. I have a hard time organizing my ideas. If I had a notebook, it would be scattered with so many different concepts and no familiar thread. I would need something like a binder.

A binder would be great because I could organize my ideas by sections and categories. The only trouble with a binder is that it would be heavy and bulky to carry around.

I need some place to put my ideas other than letting them sit in my brain.

Any suggestions?


  1. You have an iPhone, right? You can take notes on it. I've heard of an app called EverNote or something that bloggers use.

  2. EverNote...hmm... I'll check it out! I also like the ability to really physically write things down with a pen.


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