Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crying Over Spilled Coffee

This morning I was down to my last bit of coffee. I emptied the bag into the filter and looked forward to the moment when my coffeemaker beeped so I could savor my last cup. When my Krups 12 Cup Programmable coffeemaker gave me the go ahead, I mixed the milk and sugar into my friend the coffee cup, and prepared a bagel with peanut butter for Ari and I to share.

As soon as I made to the living room, I sat on the couch in a sleepy haze, and before I knew it, I had spilled my last cup of hope all over the table.

I'm normally a clumsy person but, being pregnant, my increased progesterone levels have taken over and made me into a maladroit.

While I was busy cleaning up the mess I'd just made. Ari managed to steal my breakfast.

I asked him if he was eating my bagel, and he proudly confirmed "Yes!"

Please tell me I'm not alone. Share your clumsy stories with me!


  1. LOL! AWWW!!! Omg I actually WOULD have cried when I was pregnant if that had been me! At least Ari was eating! I was so tired today, I had to get up to bring Chaim to the train and kept trying to sleep but the kids were up and I was feeding them etc. I finally gave Z her sticker book and passed out and I woke up before 10 and there was NO mess! I don't get it but I'm not going to push fate... :)

  2. I probably would have cried too. Then again I have always been clumsy. My poor child hit way too many things as I walked into the wall while holding him. I always felt like the dumbest mother in the world. I even fell while pregnant and have a scar on my knee as the fall was on concrete and it ripped through my pants and got my skin. It didn't hurt too much. Baby was fine, I was fine. But no one is/was as clumsy as me!

  3. Cordy- It was terrible. I was so upset. I really needed that coffee! Well, at least you got a mini-nap in there. Yeah, glad everyone was okay and there wasn't a disastrous mess.

    bnforgiven- Clumsiness abounds! It really sucks. I fell during my first pregnancy too! Glad you and the baby were okay ;)

  4. you're so not alone! i was so clumsy when pregnant i spilled, dropped, stained, tripped, forgot. *sigh* those were not my best moments, were they?! :) congrats, mama!

  5. Thank you Galit! I've done all of the above ;)

  6. Oh I have too many clumsly stories to even name! Seems like every day I am doing something dreadfully clumsy and I'm no longer pregnant!

  7. Oh, and did I tell you about the time MY Poodle lapped out of my last cup of coffee? Apparently dogs crave caffeine too.


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