Monday, September 21, 2009

The Hausfrau Writes Back!

Recently I reviewed Nicole Chaison's Book, The Passion of The Hausfrau here on my blog. I wrote her an email to tell her as much. It read:

Dear Hausfrau,

You are my hero. I have a 15 month old son and have not had the opportunity to read anything substantial since he was born. Your book was the literary oatmeal (hearty meal) that I needed. I related to every page. I love your sardonic wit. Your writing epitomizes my daily thoughts and feelings.

I actually write a mom blog where I reviewed your book. Feel free to check it out:

I wanted to ask if you had any anecdotes about George as a baby? You mention many of Dora's baby antics, but I was curious about George's baby-dom.

Thank you for writing your masterpiece.

Guess what? She wrote back! Here is what she wrote:

Dear Sarah--
Thank you so much for writing! Your email brightened my day (I was having a not very good one; feeling sorry for myself, etc. etc.) and made me feel plugged into something bigger and better. I checked out your blog--it looks great!--and am so flattered by your review of The Passion of the Hausfrau. Thank you!
I don't really have any anecdotes from George's early days, because I wasn't writing at that time. As in the book, it took until my daughter's birth to jump-start my writing urges. I was so tired and overwhelmed when George was a baby that it never occurred to me to pick up my pen and write. How amazing that you have the time and energy to do a blog!
You're in Brooklyn, right? Can you recommend a bookstore that you think might be a good place for me to do a reading? I'd like to plan a trip down to NYC this fall and would love to do a reading/signing.
Thanks again for writing. It meant a lot to me.

It's so gratifying to write to an author and receive a response. This speaks to the kind of person that Nicole Chaison is; clearly she values her readers.

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