Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good Times

For such a long time, my son was an infant. I remember when he couldn't even lift his head. Now he is a roving toddler; constantly on the move and raring to go. It really occurred to me today just how much he has grown, when we were on a play date at my friend Gry's house. Ari and Luka (Gry's son) were feeding off of one another. Luka would laugh and then (as a consequence) Ari would burst into hysterics. It hit me; he has a real friend. He has the capacity to interact with and appreciate another person. My how he has grown.


  1. wahhhhh, I miss you guys and I am certain my guy misses you (all) too!

  2. I miss you so so so so so much! And Nelson too! I can't wait for the playdate with the three musketeers and Paddy!


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