Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Natural Deodorant Stinks

Ever since I learned about the dangers of aluminum, I've tried to start using deodorants that do not contain it. However, the result is that I smell like garbage.

Let me break it down for y'all:


  1. Whoaaaaa Nelly! Just wait one smelltastic second. After one too many natural deodorant fails, it's easy to be cynical. We've been there. Which is why we are here. Creating smelljoy. GEODEO dominates odor, tackles toxins and leaves your armpts showered in eco-goodness. Toss the garbage... and smell ahh-mazing instead! GEODEO is at Duane Reade in our "under-the-palm-trees-with-a-fruit-drink" Island scent. But we'd like to stage an armpit intervention and mail you an emergency stash... email :)

    1. Please mail me an emergency stash! And let's do a giveaway! What do you think Geodeo?!

  2. It's like we're armpit sisters! I tried Tom's and it just me stinky and slimy. My pits actually felt slimy.
    Also - I totally use Dove. Told you we were armpit sisters.


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