Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Taste of Wool Part 11

Terrence was no stranger to unusual occurrences in elementary institutions. After all, he had seen Ms. Hanover's love affair with a domesticated rodent. This was enough to make anyone's skin crawl, but Terrence took it in stride. What Terrence wasn't prepared for! Now you're probably wondering who I am, or perhaps you've already figured it out, after all humans are fairly intelligent creatures with a decent amount of reasoning skills. Well, some of them are anyway, with the exception of Mz. Sweeny. But anyway, on with the story.

Harry led Terrence a few feet down the hall to where I was leaning against a doorway. With no prior warning, I began to speak.

"Hello Terrence," I began. Terrence stared wide eyed as I, Harry's loyal soapy sheepdog addressed him. "Don't look so surprised, You're used to strange happenings in elementary schools. Something comes to mind involving a cute blond with a hamster fetish." Terrence blushed as he recalled Ms. Hanover.

"You're probably wondering why I decided to talk to you, as opposed to the numerous other people I could have chosen. Well, it's actually a very simple answer. You believe that Harry isn't crazy. You didn't need proof that his mental capacities were functioning adequately, you blindly believed that they were. This is the type of faith that I admire in humans. I felt that you deserved to know the truth."

Terrence stared at me in awe. The fact was, speaking had become quite commonplace to me. I wasn't amazed at the fact that I possessed the power of speech, I was used to it, just as I was used to my own thoughts. I remembered the day I discovered that I could think. But that's an entirely different story. What probably amazed Terrence the most was that I had no mouth. I mean, there isn't much room for a true mouth within a moppish clump of hair.

I was speaking telepathically to Terrence, only he and Harry could hear me.
"There's something else you should know..." I started to say. All of a sudden, Urie burst out of his classroom.


This is Part 11 of my story A Taste of Wool. To read part 10 click here. I will be revealing a new part of the story each Wednesday at a part of Wool Wednesdays. Jenni Chiu came up with that because she's awesome.

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