Monday, November 7, 2011

I Did Something Awesome Today

Today, I had a play date with a friend of mine, Holly. She has two kids and, like me, no brain. I asked her a zillion questions about how she manages life with the two. One crucial one was:
"When do you find the time to clean?"

For those of you who know me, and/or love me, you understand that cleaning is not something that comes naturally to me. In fact, I am a terrible cleaner. Yes, I do the dishes, and occasionally sweep, but it is my amazing husband who is the cleaner of the family. Before we were married I used to call him my "house boyfriend," because he is so domestically inclined that way. You can see his handy work here, if you're interested.

I, on the other hand, am not a cleaner. I would rather blog, read a book, walk in the park, take a shower, basically do anything so that I don't have to clean.

Samara has the right idea:

I was actually crying on the phone, the other day, to my friend Adriana about how overwhelmed my dirty house makes me.

Holly's response to my "when you clean?" question was:
"I don't. Well, honestly, here's what I do. I have a play date at least once a week, so that forces me to clean. If I know people are coming to my house, I have to clean. Because otherwise, I'd be embarrassed."
This really inspired me, it made so much sense! Having people over on a regular basis is the perfect motivation to clean! Something clicked in my head. And I went home right after the play date and did this:

I was so proud of myself. This really made me feel accomplished.

This is my next task.

Wish me luck! And please feel free to tell me how awesome I am for cleaning my living room. I need all the encouragement I can get!

When do you find time to clean with kids?


  1. Same advice as your good friend!! My husband just was joking with me the other day that it's a good thing my mom comes to visit often, or the house would never get cleaned! Before I had Kendi, I used to take clients at home (for waxing, I'm an Esthetician), and that would force me to have at least a semi-clean house almost every day. It's definitely the company that keeps my house clean. Drop by unexpectedly, and you are in for a very smelly and dusty rude awakening :)

  2. My time is worth more than my money these days, so I shell out $50 every two weeks to have someone else clean my condo. That's MY big secret!

  3. Rad Mommy- So glad I'm not alone. My house often smells.

    Amanda- That's a good deal. I am moving to Vancouver!


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