Friday, November 4, 2011

Grandmas Day Out: Ari and Nelson Go to The Transit Museum

Until yesterday, Ari had never been to The NYC Transit Museum. This is curious, considering the fact that this kid is utterly obsessed with all vehicles, especially trains.

On Thursday, my mom graciously offered to hang out with him, because I had a ton of transcription to do and a yucky cold on top of that. Things didn't exactly go as planned at first. The initial idea was to park the car near our place, and the kids and the Grandmas would take the subway to The Transit Museum.

My mom picked up Nelson and his Grandma and came back to our place to park the car, but there was no parking to be found! So I dropped up Ari with my mom, and Samara and I ran out in our pajamas to find parking. Mom, if you're reading this, sorry if I was cranky yesterday, I was just really congested!

But alas, there was no parking for us either, so we ended up going to Blue Sky for a shared muffin, in the interim, and then to Staples because I needed to scan something, buy a flash drive, and most importantly because I love office supplies.

But this is not about alternate side of the street parking, Staples, muffins or Samara. This is about trains and buses.

While I was running around Staples, the Grandmas set out on their adventure with the boys. There are no pictures of the Grandmas themselves, because the Grandmas were taking the pictures.

The MTA must have known they were coming...

They had to take the train to go see the trains!

We know how much Ari loves the bus. Remember this?

He really loves the bus...

a lot...

After the museum, the Grandmas and the boys went out for pizza and ice cream.

Thank you mom! You are the best mom and Grandma in the world. Thanks for taking Ari out for the whole day. He told me he had a blast!

And I think your new glasses rock!

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  1. OMG transit museum?! Hello! Uh HEAVEN! On boring days or unscheduled days, I need to just take Theo out for a busride. Your mom is totally ROCKING the glasses! She's got an arts maven look going ;-)


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