Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Older Brother Knows Best- The Little Dietitian

I was trying to feed Samara her scrumptious dinner of Earth's Best Sweet Potato and Chicken baby food, but she decided that she wanted nothing to do with baby food at all. Each time I attempted to spoon feed her, she screamed. Ari said:

"Excuse me mommy, Samara wants Cheerios!"

"Okay, you think so," I said skeptically "Hand me the Cheerios please."
"Only a few mommy. I want Cheerios too." He said definitively.

I bit a Cheerio in half and put the other half in Samara's mouth. She gobbled it up like it was an M&M.

So I decided to get fancy, and intersperse feeding her half eaten Cheerios with spoonfuls of baby food. This was going well for a while, until I turned my back for one minute and this happened:

Needless to say, Ari was very upset that Samara spilled her food, and he told her so.

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