Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Momentous Day For Samara

There are some memories that stay with you. I vividly recall that day. I was eight-years-old and I was coming out of after school. I was ready. Or...at least I thought I was. My G-d sister, Remy, and I, went to a pharmacy near my elementary school where the deed was to be done.

I sat on a stool waiting.

And then the gun came out. I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my ear lobe and it surged throughout my whole head.

"I don't want to do the other one!" I said running up against the wall of the pharmacy.
"You have to do the other one!" Remy said. "You're gonna look weird with one earring."

I waited for my heart to stop racing, and then I closed my eyes...the pain again. But after that...it was done. My ears were pierced.

I didn't want Samara to go through any of that. So here's what we did today:

Do you have an ear piercing story to share?


  1. well we haven't pierced Theo's ears YET, but everytime I get mine pierced, they get infected. I'm officially done with earings, which is sad, because I do love them.

  2. Awww! I never pierced Tahira's - and I always thought I would - but in the end I didn't. I had mine pierced 12-15 times (can't remember now because I've taken them all out), but I don't even wear my bottom earrings anymore (which were done when I was 6 weeks old). I wonder if T will hate me for not doing it to her as a baby? She looks so super cute though, I love them. Did she cry a lot?

  3. She didn't cry as much as I thought! And I'm glad it's over with. Phew!

    I have the same problem, ladies. I think i need to invest in quality material earrings, like gold ones.

  4. I should see if I have any real gold ones to give you. I honestly never wear earrings anymore and I bet I have a ton somewhere. Not sure if you'd wear used ones though. You could always clean them with rubbing alcohol if it weirded you out lol.

  5. No I would love that! I can just clean them with rubbing alcohol! YAY!

  6. Hehe, when I first started dating Matt he pierced my ears for me a second time again, and totally put one too close to the other lmfao. It was ridiculous. He's lucky he's cute haha! He also attempted {and failed} at piercing my belly...needless to say his aspirations to become a tattoo artist & piercer didn't quite work out.

  7. My sister had to wait till she was 12, so she was totally pissed when I got mine pierced at 10!

  8. Jessi- HA HA! That is too funny. Props to Matt for trying though. That's totally something Wil would have done! I think he pierced his OWN ear with a needle and ice!

    Amanda- Oh snap! You beat her!


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