Saturday, March 19, 2011

How Does He Do It?

I've been trying to get Samara to take a nap all day. I've been rocking her, patting to her, letting her cry a little, giving her the pacifier, you get the idea. Finally, Wil says to me "I'll take her."
I gladly hand over the baby and go do the dishes. 15 minutes later, I return to the living room and find this:

I'm sure when he wakes up he's going to brag about how awesome he is. I want to know how he does it. It's not fair! It comes so easily to him. I'm her mother, I should know what to do!

I've asked him what is secret is, but he insists that he doesn't have one.

"I just try everything babe." He says.

I try everything too, but nothing works.

Well, at least she's asleep. I should really be sleeping too.


  1. Sometimes it just takes two to get things done. Be glad that you have a helper with that magic touch.

  2. T used to nap a lot for Yasir too in the very beginning, because when you're the one with the built-in milk, everything is different.

  3. No all-you-can-eat-boobie-buffet, that's the difference!


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