Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Aqua Moms

For the first time in 17 months a wondrous thing happened. I got to sleep in! My son slept till 8am this morning. He fed himself some oatmeal and yogurt and my boyfriend took him off to his swimming class for some much needed male bonding time.

When they returned, I asked my boyfriend how the Aqua Dads were. He replied:

"There were no dads there today. Only moms." I stood there confused for a moment.
"Um...are you sure you went to the right class?"
"Yeah, the babies were the same, but it was all chicks!"

Well folks, it seems that the Aqua Dads have retired their suits and handed them over to their counterparts; the Aqua Moms!

I sat there puzzled by this phenomenon for a moment; where had the Aqua Dads gone? and then it occurred to me...they were taking turns! The class is eight weeks long, the Aqua dads came with their kids for the first four sessions and now it was the Aqua Moms turn to accompany their kin.

Next week I'll have a chance to meet these mysterious Aqua Moms.

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